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What’s Left to Eat?
Demo/Sample of How to Create Custom Diets
Create Custom Diets or Elimination-Rotation Meal Plans in less than 5 minutes.

New Patient

Enter the appropriate data:

  • Patients name - Last, First, MI, Physician

  • Files are stored alphabetically, the program will search for the first letter of each entry.

  • Today's date is entered by default and may be changed.

The Use Template option allows you to 'jump-start' a diet with a template, and modify as needed for each patient.  Check out Template Information.

The food screen will appear

CONTROL BUTTONS are to the right of the screen. 

Okay;  Rotate; Strike Through; Omit; Tested.  These buttons allow you to designate a a distinct print-out style for each food; which directs your patient to either omit a food, rotate, or have it daily.

Note: If no buttons are selected (highlighted) all foods are considered safe to eat by default -- and will automatically print onto the Master Chart and Menu Plans in a 4-day rotation pattern.


  • Click on a Control Button

  • Select a food -- (click on it)

Control Button functions:

• Okay - use to correct an error or over-ride an incorrect entry
Rotate -  “Moderate reaction”, meant to be rotated, will print with an (r).
• Strike Through  -  “Strong reaction” - will print with a strike through indicating the food should be avoided.
• Omit - “Severe reaction”. The food will not appear on the Master Chart or Meal Plans
• Tested  (and Okay) - Foods will print in italics

Note: You may prefer to use the strike through feature instead of “omit” .  That  allows the patient can see which foods they need to avoid.

All Files and Templates are Saved by default, no need to “save” each one before closing.



Go to the FILE menu on the top left of the screen: Select PRINT

PRINT PREVIEW allows you to preview pages before printing

Note: select one item at a time to preview.  If  2 or more are selected, only the top item will preview.

Print   -- Select any one or all of the following:

  1. Cover page
  2. Test results -- Summary of foods to avoid, rotate or eat
  3. Master Chart - Four day rotation diet chart
  4. Menu Plans -- Suggested meal planning ideas
  5. Comments & Suggested Servings per Day
  6. Pre-Test protocol -- Review with patient prior to blood-draw for testing
  7. Patient Guidelines -- Instructions, helpful hints, recipes and more
  8. Practitioner Guidelines -- an overview of the program, how to set up a custom diet.

Time-Saver - Print several sets of generic pages - #6 and #7 - in advance for efficiency and economy.



  • Templates included with the program may be used ‘as is’, or edited to suit each individual

  • Create your own unique templates from ‘scratch’ or by editing an existing template.

Note: The Use Template option allows you to ‘jump-start’ a new patient diet -- or create a new template-- from an existing template, and modify as needed. Just scroll down to appropriate template, click to select.                                               

new template

Go to EDIT menu, select NEW Template

Enter name of new template. You may use an existing template as a basis for a new template.

To activate “Use Template” feature, click yes, scroll down, and select one of the templates.  Click OK.  Then the Food Menu will appear and you can edit the template as needed.  

For Example, to easily set up a Gluten-Dairy-Sugar Free diet:

  • Enter Gluten-Dairy-Sugar Free as the template name

  • Click 'Yes' on Use Templates

  • Click on Gluten, Dairy Free Template

  • Click OK

  • Edit food items to eliminate refined sugars.

Demo/Sample of Master Chart, Menu Plans and Comments

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