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Allergy Relief Starter Kits
What's left to Eat software program


Helping your patients with special diet plans has just gotten easier.  Doctors, nurses, nutritionists and techs everywhere are singing  praises for Dr. Sally Rockwell’s new products.

  • Frees up your time

  • Custom or special diets can be created in less than 5 minutes,

  • Saves you untold call-backs from patients asking "What's left to eat?

Dr. Sally Rockwell's Self Help Allergy Relief - Starter Kits

  • Insures patient compliance -- Easy, flexible, simple --- Fun
  • Provides answers: -- What do I do? -- Where do I start? -- What's left to eat?

Kit # 1 - Basic Starter Kit -- contains:

  • The Rotation Game - a color-coded system - includes:
    Colorful Master Chart -- Visual Aids -- Food Diary -- Food and family lists -- Menus and Recipes -- Helpful hints -- Step-by-step instruction
  • Rotated Allergy Recipes Book -- Companion to the GAME.  Colored sections coordinate with the GAME -- recipes FREE of all major allergens Simply match colors and start cooking.
  • Illustrated Guide Books
    1. How to Start a Diversified Elimination Diet.
    2. How to Use a Food and Symptom Diary - Begin to Rotate
    6. Allergy-Free Baking Tips
  • CD or Audio Tape - 60 Minutes -- Overcoming Food Allergies
    Direction, encouragement and support

Regular Price - $59.95

  To order by mail

Kit # 2 - Deluxe Starter Kit

Includes all of the above, plus a 60 minute DVD -
Ideal for training patients, doctors, dietitians, office staff, technicians


Regular Price - $75.00

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What's Left to Eat?  CD ROM for Windows
Create Custom Diets or Elimination/rotation meal plans in less than 5 minutes.
The Gold Standard - Often Imitated - Never Equaled

Scroll down for Demo/Sample of software program "What's Left to Eat?".

This innovative program is simple, practical and user-friendly. You have total control over which foods you want the patient to eat. This versatile program is not limited  to food allergy, elimination and rotation diet plans.  It simplifies and customizes all types of special diets - including weight management, gluten/dairy/sugar free, low carbohydrate, Elimination - Rotation and so on. 

You can  create ANY type of special or custom diet in minutes—

The possibilities are unlimited. Popular templates are included, and to further free up your time, you can create your own templates for any and all types of eating plans.

For instance:

  • Basic Elimination or Rotation diets

  • Gluten-free,  Dairy-free 

  • Feingold diet: Salicylate-Free

  • Candida diet – therapeutic 

  • Candida diet – maintenance

  • Diabetic

  • Hypoglycemic
  • Blood type, A, B, or O , etc. 

  • Grain-Free

  • High Protein, moderate protein

  • Low, moderate or high carbohydrate 

  • Vegan and Vegetarian

  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Food Allergies? User-friendly features also enable you to:

  • Personalize a 4-day rotation diet and meal plans for each patient in less than 5 minutes

  • Show the patient which foods to avoid, or to rotate, and what’s left to eat

  • Use the plan to diagnose, test, or treat for food allergies

  • Includes Recipes

The custom Master Chart allows the user can see at a glance what foods to eat each day. Offending foods are omitted, or printed as a strike through, remaining foods are automatically rotated. Includes:

  • Custom Menus

  • Instructions for color coding food containers

  • Helpful Hints

  • Guidelines And Instructions

  • Resources

  • Tips for Success

BASIC RECIPES  may be prepared with or without wheat or gluten, milk, eggs, soy, corn, refined sugars. Substitutions are included.

Frees office staff of repeated call-backs and responses to cries for  

Demo/Sample of CD What's Left to Eat?

To order by mail

Introductory Offer - $375.00


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Dr. Sally Rockwell: Counseling for food allergies, Candida yeast, hypoglycemia, hyperactivity, eating disorders, and diabetes.  Books and tapes include allergy free, gluten-free, dairy-free recipes, elimination and rotation diets, and non-dairy calcium. Seattle, Washington. 

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